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    Christian Devotional – October 12, 2019

    “You stood aloof.” The people of Edom had seen what was going on and the attacks on Jerusalem, but instead of helping their brothers, they stood off and watched, and even helped. Read Obadiah 1:11. “On the day that you stood aloof, On the day that strangers carried off his wealth, And foreigners entered his gate And cast lots for Jerusalem- You too were as one of them. Obadiah 1:11 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.11.NASB The people of Edom had seen what was going on and yet they did not do anything to intervene. In fact, they were even part of the group attacking. Now God is going to hold them accountable for…

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    Christian Devotional – October 11, 2019

    No loyalty. The people of Edom had attacked and fought against their family, their brothers, and as a result, God was holding them accountable for those actions. Read Obadiah 1:10. “Because of violence to your brother Jacob, You will be covered with shame, And you will be cut off forever. Obadiah 1:10 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.10.NASB Covered with shame and cut off forever, all because they were violent toward the people of Israel. The way we treat others matters. We are accountable for our attitude and actions toward all the people that we are around and come into contact with. Do contacts and connections with us result in drawing people closer to…

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    Christian Devotional – October 10, 2019

    Might won’t save you. As we’ve been seeing, having allies won’t save you and being wise won’t save you. Read Obadiah 1:9. “Then your mighty men will be dismayed, O Teman, So that everyone may be cut off from the mountain of Esau by slaughter. Obadiah 1:9 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.9.NASB Even if the allies won’t save them and wisdom won’t save them, Obadiah goes even farther to say that the mighty and strong men will be destroyed. Strength won’t save us and those who are putting their faith in their own abilities will find themselves desperate and on the path to destruction. Edom’s mighty men were going to learn that first…

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    Christian Devotional – October 9, 2019

    Wisdom will not save you. As we saw yesterday, having allies is not enough to save us from God’s judgment for sin. Now, we see that wisdom is not able to save either. Read Obadiah 1:8. “Will I not on that day,” declares the Lord , “Destroy wise men from Edom And understanding from the mountain of Esau? Obadiah 1:8 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.8.NASB Are we trusting in our “smarts” or other cunning abilities that we think we have? God makes it very clear that wisdom will not save Edom, and it won’t save us either. What are we trusting in to save us from the judgment that we deserve from God?

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    Christian Devotional – October 8, 2019

    Betrayed. The people of Edom are going to be betrayed by the very people they thought they could trust. Read Obadiah 1:7. “All the men allied with you Will send you forth to the border, And the men at peace with you Will deceive you and overpower you. They who eat your bread Will set an ambush for you. (There is no understanding in him.) Obadiah 1:7 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.7.NASB Who do we trust? If we’re like most people, we only have a handful of people that we trust. Edom is similar in that they have a few nations that they trust and have an alliance with. Yet, God is sharing…

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    Christian Devotional – October 7, 2019

    We can’t hide from God. When God determines that we deserve judgment, we can’t hide from it. God’s judgment is total and complete. Read Obadiah 1:6. “O how Esau will be ransacked, And his hidden treasures searched out! Obadiah 1:6 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.6.NASB If our treasures are anything else besides God, God will seek those out. As part of His judgment of Edom, God is going to take everything away that the people have valued more than they valued God. If God were to review our life and take away anything that we value more than Him, what would be left? Would we have secret treasures that He would need to…

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    Christian Devotional – October 6, 2019

    The difference between people and God. When God does something, He does it completely. Read Obadiah 1:5. “If thieves came to you, If robbers by night- O how you will be ruined!- Would they not steal only until they had enough? If grape gatherers came to you, Would they not leave some gleanings? Obadiah 1:5 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.5.NASB Obadiah is reminding the people of Edom that if judgment or retribution were to come from people, they would stop after they got tired or full. Not so with God. When God brings judgment, it is complete and total. God will not leave parts undone. People may stop when they get full or…

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    Christian Devotional – October 5, 2019

    The higher they are, the harder they fall. Remember that saying? I heard my mother and others use that phrase to keep help keep us grounded. Read Obadiah 1:4. “Though you build high like the eagle, Though you set your nest among the stars, From there I will bring you down,” declares the Lord . Obadiah 1:4 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.4.NASB Obadiah has just finished telling the people of Edom that they can’t trust in the heights that they have built into the rocks. Now he is letting them know that God is going to bring them down from the high and lofty places they have built. God has a way of…

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    Christian Devotional – October 4, 2019

    Lofty places. The Edomites lived south and west of Israel in the area where present day Jordan is. This area is full of rocky terrain and if you go there today, you will see caves dwellings and houses carved into the rock, like Petra. Read Obadiah 1:3. “The arrogance of your heart has deceived you, You who live in the clefts of the rock, In the loftiness of your dwelling place, Who say in your heart, ‘Who will bring me down to earth?’ Obadiah 1:3 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.3.NASB God gives Obadiah an analogy. The people of Edom were so arrogant and so high on themselves that God lilens it to their…

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    Christian Devotional – October 3, 2019

    Make you small. Such an interesting phrase to describe how God is going to judge the people of Edom. Read Obadiah 1:2. “Behold, I will make you small among the nations; You are greatly despised. Obadiah 1:2 NASB https://bible.com/bible/100/oba.1.2.NASB The first thing that God tells Obadiah is that he is going to make the nation of Edom small. They are thought of so badly by the nations around them, that he is going to make them look like what other people perceive them to be. When we face the judgment of God, often he starts why allowing us to see ourselves the way he sees us. God knew that the…