Book Review – A Star for Anana by Carolyn Davis

A Star for Anana

Life lessons are frequently easier for children to learn when animals are involved, which is why I so enjoyed “A Star for Anana” by Carolyn Davis. Anana is a polar bear cub who is busy being taught life lessons by her mother. However, she’s not always paying attention to her mother. When Anana and another young cub get lost, she’s able to remember the lessons her mother taught her, along with receiving help from a special star, in order to find her mother again.

I really enjoyed the beautifully illustrated book. Carolyn’s writing style makes it possible to see and appreciate the all that the young cub is feeling and thinking throughout the journey. I enjoyed reading this book to my five year old.  Since one of her favorite things to do is make snow angles, she could really relate to Anana’s snow-bear angels. Thank you, Carolyn, for allowing me to read your beautiful book.

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