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Book Review – All My Tomorrows and Echoes of the Past by Kathleen Sherwood

Echoes of the Past            All My Tomorrows

Starting over. That’s what Alexa decides to do in the romantic fiction book “All My Tomorrows” by Kathleen Sherwood. After the tragic death of her father, veterinarian Alexa Turner sells the practice that she and her dad had shared, then picks up and moves to another state to join a practice with a friend of her father. Though she goes with limited expectations, what she finds is an answer to her prayers and hope for all her tomorrows.

This story that Kathleen has created is a beautiful example of how God can use the tragedies in our lives to help bring us to where He wants us to be. Throughout this story, Alexa attributes the circumstances she goes through to God’s divine intervention and she credits God for working in her life, even through the difficulties she has faced. She finds the love of her life and, even though it is clear from the beginning that Alexa her new landlord, Cole Jamison, are bound to fall in love with one another, the journey of how they get there and the obstacles that they face and fears they work through make the journey through the book exciting, fresh, and captivating. I fell in love with the characters and really felt that I got to know them through this book. Kathleen has crafted a wonderful story that she shares brilliantly.

As the sequel to “All My Tomorrows,” Kathleen Sherwood’s book “Echoes of the Past” shifts focus to the story of Cole’s brother Trace Jamison. Trace meets Alexa’s best friend Sydney, a pediatric oncologist, who has a past. As they get to know one another, the issues from her past come back and they find themselves trying to find a way to cope and trust Jesus through ever situation.

I enjoy Kathleen’s open witnessing of the truths of Jesus Christ throughout the entire story. The storyline is interesting and does keep moving throughout. The story does go back and forth between Trace and Sydney and their situation as well as Alexa and Cole from “All My Tomorrows.” The plot line was interesting and Kathleen kept things moving throughout. A fun read.

Learn more about Kathleen Sherwood and “All My Tomorrows” and “Echoes of the Past” by visiting the Tate Publishing Website and Kathleen’s Facebook Page

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