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Book Review – And Then the Rain by Karina Harris

I love reading Karina Harris. I enjoy her first two books (See more here) and I always look forward to her articles on the Sisters in Cahoots blog. So when I purchased her newest book “And Then the Rain,” I fully expected to enjoy it.

However, to say that I enjoyed it is an understatement. I loved it! In this historical fiction novel set in the 1800s, ten year old Ella Ferguson leaves her mother and father and five younger siblings to go stay with her aunt because times are hard and her family can’t provide for her. Fast forward six years and Ella finds herself in love with Alec Chamberlain, the older brother of her best friend Sarah. Yet, she is convinced that he will never see her as anything more than his sister’s friend. As Ella faces several difficulties and is forced to endure hardships, Alec and Sarah’s family is there to help her and support her and slowly Alec begins to see Ella as the beautiful young woman she has become.

The tension between Alec and Ella is wonderfully written and I felt everything that Ella felt as she goes through the story. The other plot lines are well thought out and I love the characters. I also appreciate the emphasis on the characters’ relationships with God with a great message on having faith in the midst of trials. This is such a tender and beautiful romance and action novel that I have enjoyed multiple readings of this book in the couple of weeks that I’ve owned it. I know that this is the first in a series that she is writing and I look forward to reading the next. I highly recommend this book and give it a full 5 stars without hesitation.

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