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Book Review – Another Second Chance: God’s Story by Troy Lewis

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As a change of pace from the kids books I’ve been reading lately, I picked up Another Second Chance: God’s Story by Troy Lewis. This incredible story of a man who underwent a kidney transplant was a truly wonderful read. Troy takes the time to set the stage and explains about his life and the rare disorder that left him in desperate need of a kidney transplant in his early 40s. The circumstances that surrounded how he ultimately received a kidney and all the lives that were touched by God’s divine planning is truly a testimony of the miraculous grace of God.

This story was brilliantly written. I was drawn in and found myself rushing through the pages to see how God was going to move and work in this man’s life next. As a work of non-fiction, it read like a fiction story and I was thrilled and excited to watch the drama unfold through all the twists and turns that God led Troy through before ultimately revealing His perfect will. Readers will be blessed and inspired by this story and possibly even called into action to step up and see what difference each of us can make in the lives of people we may not even know. Fabulous read!

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