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Book Review – Because God is Love, part 1 by Fersen Perera

Love is a word that is thrown around a lot in today’s  world. We see people using love in lots of different contexts with lots of  different meanings. However, that makes it very difficult to truly understand  what the Bible means when it indicates that “God is love.”
What is love? What is love  not? How are we deceived in today’s world into believing the lies that Satan  uses to convolute the love of God? All of these questions and more are discussed  in depth throughout Mr. Perera’s book as it seeks to uncover and expose the  myths and delusions about love. This book is full of scriptural references that  are used to help readers understand the Bible’s viewpoint on this most important  topic.
Along with all the  scripture references, I would have loved to see more personal, real-life  examples and application throughout the book, but the intellectual foundation is  most certainly laid through these pages. Mr. Perera’s passion to see this topic  uncovered and explored is evident throughout the pages and with his excellent  word choices, he carefully delineates all that love is not so the reader will be  better able to grasp and recognize what love is because God is  love.
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