Book Review – Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games)

After I finished “The Hunger Games” in one sitting, I quickly realized that I would have to get the second and third book of the series. “Catching Fire” is the second book of “The Hunger Games” Trilogy. Like the first, the drama and the story line was engaging and I read this in one sitting as well. I ended up liking this one better than the first. I found myself better able to understand the characters and really identifying with the questions and concerns that Katniss faces as she find herself the unwitting leader of a rebellion that she didn’t even plan.

Suzanne Collins has an incredible way of crafting a story. She builds suspense in all the right places and keeps the story line moving throughout. Again, I would caution that the descriptions of the battle scenes would have me give this a PG-13 rating.

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  1. The second book is definitely not as good as the first one. I think anyone will agree with that. It was weird actually. Really long at parts where nothing is happening and then out of nowhere the plot goes 180 degree in different direction in 3 pages – thats pretty anoying to say the least. Probably a good idea would be to make the book longer (+200 pages?) and let the tension build up more before reaching the highest point. Still my interest was kept continusely. I could not put it down till all was finished… Loved this series. I wish there was more.

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  2. Hi Molly, I can certainly understand your points. My husband and I read the books together and he prefered the first book to the second book as well. For me, I kind of liked the uncertainty, to a point, as it keeps people turning pages. I like your idea about filling out the story more, that certainly would have worked in her favor. I wonder if she had more and it was cut in editing (???). I’m looking forward to seeing how the movies compare once they come out. It will be interesting!
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi Matthew,

    I enjoyed your review as well. I do admit to getting caught up in the books and I am certainly looking forward to the movie. However, I certainly see your points about the weaknesses of the books, especially after the final book. With all that being said, I just don’t see that these will make my “multiple readings” shelf for many of the reasons you mention in your review. Still, it was fun to just run through a book like I did with it. I’m intrigued to see what they decide to do with the movie(s).


  4. Yes, they’re addictive. I’m mid-way through Mockingjay, and I’m still undecided quite what I think of the series. It’s enjoyable, but I’m thinking it’s definitely aimed at the YA audience, more heavily than some YA fiction I’ve read. I don’t know how they’re going to depict the violence in the film – it would be great if they went Battle Royale, but obviously they won’t 🙁

  5. I know what you mean. Mockingjay was certainly my least favorite of the three, which is never good when a series ends that way. Sort of leaves a bad taste in a reader’s mouth, if you will. I agree with you on the violence in the films, but I’m sure they’re not going to want to get an R rating since that would limit their target audience. I figure they’re going to infer a lot of the violence and leave it up to the watcher’s imaginations without showing the actual gore.

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