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Book Review – Choices: When Divorce happens to You and Your Children


Lisa Suggs touches on a relevant and important topic in her book, “Choices: When divorce happens to you and your children.” Divorce is increasingly common in our society today and yet often people have the same difficulty being successfully divorced that they had trying to be successfully married.  Who pays the price for this? The children. 

In Choices, Lisa speaks from the heart and the depths of her past experiences of being a child in a divorced home as well as the divorced parent of children. Her examples are real and relatable. Her advice is simple and profound. Lisa takes this difficult subject and give practical suggestions on how to actually be successfully divorced with children, and the key is in our choices. Do we choose to move forward, do we choose to show proper respect to each other, do we choose to keep open communication?

Nothing about divorce is easy.  But if you have kids and are divorced or even if you’re thinking about divorce, this is a must-read.

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