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Book Review – Christmas Gift for Everyone by Bee Faith


I picked up Christmas gift for everyone by Bee Faith after a search on Amazon for a children’s Christmas book. I was taken by the beautiful illustrations. In this story, young Monica has been given a homework assignment to write a letter to Jesus asking for what she wants for Christmas.  Monica’s grandpa has recently passed away and she is finding it difficult to know what to put in her letter. When she shares with her grandmother her sadness, her grandmother shares with her about the truth of who Jesus is and why he came to earth. She learns about the special map, the Bible, that tells everyone the message of hope in Jesus.

This cute story is well written and would be perfect for young children to learn the true meaning of christmas. The author has done a beautiful job writing this story in such a way that it is easy to relate to Monica throughout and the illustrations add a peaceful beauty to the story. The book did seem to get end rather abruptly and even though it is a complete conclusion, the point is such a good one I would have liked to seen it expanded on a little more. All in all a very good read.

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