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Book Review – Conversation Magic

Conversation Magic: Improve Your Conversation Skills in One Evening (Includes Audio Training)

Conversation Magic by Arlen Busenitz is a quick and easy read that I finished in one evening. This book is a simple guide to helping people overcome their fear and anxiety in social settings and teach practical methods for initiating conversations.

As mentioned, this book is a quick read and despite being small, gives several ideas on conversation starters and topics to help people have something in the “back pocket” so they don’t ever feel at a loss for subjects to talk about. The book also mentions several principles about conversation that helps to explain the when, where, and how to use these topics.

My only criticism of this book is that it is just a beginner’s guide. Certainly there are several other tools for conversation that could be added or discussed in a follow up book. While this book will not make a person a conversation expert, it will certainly start someone on the path away from being a wall-flower. If you’ve ever doubted you would be able to carry on meaningful conversation with people you have just met, then this book is for you.

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