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Book Review – Cry, Laugh, Cook by Yvonne Conte

The wonderful Yvonne Conte gave me a copy of her book in return for an honest review of it. I was excited to get to read through this as I had already heard great things about the book. The book didn’t disappoint!

Cry, Laugh, Cook was like a glimpse into Yvonne Conte’s life and the humorous and touching stories that have surrounded her and followed her throughout her lifetime. She indicates in the book that she wrote this to help her own family understand and preserve the Italian family heritage she grew up knowing and loving. She has accomplished that and so much more.

I enjoyed reading through these stories. They were personal and short, just a brief glimpse into a particular situation and the humor and truths around it. Yvonne also shares a deeper meaning behind the stories, her personal faith in Jesus Christ which has helped her to see situations through a new perspective. The book ends with several Conte family recipes that I am looking for ward to trying, which only makes since because so many of Yvonne’s stories center around food. Readers will enjoy and be uplifted. Thanks, Yvonne for allowing me to read a copy of your book.

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