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Book Review – Decision Points by George W. Bush

Decision Points

I picked up the book “Decision Points” by George W. Bush on the advice of someone who indicated that they had enjoyed it, but I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found was an intriguing look into the circumstances of the recent past through the eyes of the one who made many of the decisions on how we as a country would respond. Regardless of my personal views on any of the subjects he addressed, I really appreciated the honesty with which President Bush detailed his understanding of the situations and issues he faced and then laid out the reason behind why he made the decisions that he did. This book gave me a greater understanding of the depth of information as well as the complexity of the many issues he faced while in office. I genuinely appreciated his candor as he admitted areas where he was disappointed with the outcome achieved. I found the book to be a lengthy read, yet well worth the time to be able to better understand the world through his eyes.

This book is available at all major retailers and anywhere books are sold.

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