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Book Review – Fern Valley by Aileen Stewart

Fern Valley

Fern Valley is a quaint little town with lots of possibilities for its young inhabitants. This collection of short stories by Aileen Stewart tells of the goings on of the animal children in this little community. Kimmy Curlytail the pig, Betsy Woolridge the sheep, and all their friends have stories to tell and adventures to experience here in Fern Valley.

The characters are cute and likeable. The stories are well thought out and teach moral and relationship lessons to the readers. The writing would be able to be read by most 8-10 year olds, but even younger children would enjoy having the colorful characters and exciting stories read to them. Each short story is easily used for right before bedtime.

I enjoyed my time spent in Fern Valley and encourage everyone to stop in for a cup of tea at the tea club, build a fort on a rainy day, or try to figure out how to handle an accidental mistake. I especially enjoyed the story of the Locket, as so many children can relate to wanting something that someone else has.

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