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Book Review – Flyers: Christian’s Wings by Matthew Eldridge

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Flyers: Christian’s Wings by Matthew Eldridge is an interesting book about a world of fairy like creatures. One young flyer, Christian, doesn’t have wings and has been told that he is special among the flyers. Christian has difficulty communicating with the other flyers in school and at home, but God has a special plan to use Christian during a time of great need for the village and soon all can see his very special gifts.


This touching story by Matthew Eldridge takes many of characteristics of autism and attributes them to Christian. As Christian is learning and trying to understand the world around him and why he is different from the other flyers, the reader is able to empathize with Christian and get a greater insight into the world of autism. This book is written for older elementary age kids and would be perfect for those who have met or interacted with someone with autism. The adventure Christian goes on is inventive and captivating and the story keeps readers’ interest.


I greatly appreciate Matthew allowing me to read his book and I appreciate the message of his book and the emphasis on trusting God even when things don’t make sense.

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