Book Review

Book Review – From the Poet’s Hand by Ed Schetzsle

From the Poet's Hand-Life Lessons

“Disappointment came by today, and brought along his friends,

anger, frustration, and despair, but this is where it ends.

I now have other friends, more choices of what to do.

I have hopes, and dreams, and promises here to see me through.”

Uplifting and inspirational, Ed Schetzsle’s poetry found in “From a Poet’s Hand: Life Lessons” is a testimony of God’s wonder and grace. The section above is taken from a longer poem that I found to be my favorite as I journeyed through his book of verse.

I enjoy poetry that is uplifting and yet makes you think about your situation and circumstances on a different level or from a different perspective. Ed’s collection of verse is thought-provoking and I enjoyed taking time to sit and ponder life from a different perspective.

Thank you, Ed, for allowing me to able to enjoy your work. I look forward to more to come.

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