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Book Review – Gateway Weddings by Myra Johnson

I have enjoyed reading the books from the Romancing America series and recently I read Gateway Weddings by Myra Johnson. In this book we meet three separate individuals all set in the state of Missouri. In the first story Valerie Bishop is dealing with post-traumatic stress following the senseless killing of her husband. She meet ex-con Healy who is also learning how to make a new start. The second story is about young Sailor Kern who has an opportunity to meet the romance novelist she’s dreamed about and finds that things are not always what they appear. The final story tells of Jilly Gardner who had left her foster family years ago with no plans to mend the broken relationship but gets an unexpected call for help and finds herself going back to face her broken heart.

Overall, I would give the book 4 out of 5 stars. The author does a good job detailing the characters in all the stories and making them believable.  The plots of the first and second stories keep the pages turning a little better than the third story, but overall it is a good read. As with all the books in this series, I like the emphasis that is placed on having a relationship with God and allowing Him to guide you through each and every situation that is encountered. I love the fact that we can read books that encourage people to turn to God through every difficulty and triumph that we face. We see how each of the main characters learns to overcome through the strength and relationship they have with God.

Readers will enjoy reading through the three stories found in Gateway Weddings and I have no difficulty recommending them. Click on the book cover above for more information about this book!

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