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Book Review – Grammy Dee Solves the Case of the Red-Hot Screamies by Diane Head

Grammy Dee Solves the Case of the Red-Hot Screamies

Have you ever been so mad you just wanted to scream? Absolutely! Every person can get to that point and for kids, it can be difficult to know how to express that feeling or what to do with it. “Grammy Dee Solves the Case of the Red-Hot Screamies” by Diane Head tackles this difficult subject. This book is designed to help older elementary school and middle school children understand their anger, know what is behind the angry feelings, and learn some practical tips on how to deal with their anger.

This book has some story elements, but is written as a guide, not a exactly a story. Diane offers some great explanations of anger that children in this age group are going to be able to understand and relate to. She also gives practical examples of how to identify the emotions behind the anger and the things that can trigger anger. She gives some great suggestions on how kids can handle these difficult emotions successfully, without giving in to those Red Hot Screamies.

This is an excellent resource and I appreciate the opportunity to read through it, Diane!

To learn more about this book visit the Tate Publishing Website.

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