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Book Review – Hide in Plain Sight by Marta Perry

Andrea Hampton was all set for life in the fast lane. She was moving up the corporate ladder when her sister has an accident that could end up jeopardizing her Grandmother’s financial future, Andrea moves back in with them to Amish country to help turn her Grandmother’s house into an Inn. While there she meets the mysterious carpenter Cal who seems to have more of a story than he lets on and strange pranks begin to happen that threaten to keep the Inn from opening on schedule. Cal and Andrea are forced to search for answers before someone, possibly one of them, ends up dead.

I enjoyed this suspense book and the plot lines kept me turning the pages trying to guess the outcome. The main characters are well developed and it’s easy to see and understand the actions that they take and the reasons for those actions. Marta does a great job in writing the scenes so that I could picture exactly what was going on while I read through the book. The ending was surprising and kept me guessing right up through the ending. The romance between Cal and Andrea is sweet and simple and adds to the suspense aspect of the storyline well. Andrea struggles with her faith and this teaches some great lessons on how God wants to move and work in our lives.

Overall this is a fun read and since you can pick up the ebook for FREE right now, it’s a fun addition to your library. Click on the book cover above for more information.

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