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Book Review – His Love for Lexi by Kasandra Jamison

His Love for Lexi

How much do we love the important people in our lives? Does our love depend on whether they love us back? These are the questions behind His Love for Lexi by Kasandra Jamison. Lexi faces confusing relationship questions which are only exacerbated by external difficulties which include the people who are trying to kill her and her parents. As she’s running for her life, she must also come face to face with her own feelings about trust and love.

Kasandra works to build suspense throughout the book and there are several twists and turns as Lexi faces down the people who are threatening her. While in the midst of running, she is also faced with a question of love as the two men in her life who are sworn to protect her have also fallen in love with her. I enjoyed the struggle that Lexi goes through as she works to understand her own feelings. Kasandra does a good job detailing Lexi’s thought process throughout the book. I would have liked to see more explanation as to why she ultimately makes the choice that she does, but overall, the book is easy to read and entertaining.

Thank you, Kasandra, for allowing me to read your book.

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