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Book Review – Journey to Redemption by Anne Patrick

I enjoyed Journey to Redemption by Anne Patrick. This Christian suspense book tells the story of Detective Morgan Reynolds who has experienced a tragic event when her husband was brutally killed and a serial killer she had been racking was charged with the murder. Now this serial killer has escaped and kidnapped her 7-year-old son. Claiming he was set up for the murder of her husband, the serial killer’s ransom demand is for her to find the real killer before he kills her son. Morgan together with her partner Russo and new Lieutenant Chase McAdams work together through twists and turns uncovering a plot of deception that goes far beyond what she ever could have imagined.

Overall, this was a good story. The characters we’re a little unbelievable at times as I’m not sure I’d be as lighthearted as Morgan seemed to be at times while tracking down the killer that has her son, but the story had good twists and turns to keep me turning pages. There were a couple of twists at the end that, while I had suspected them throughout the book, were handled very nicely. I always enjoy how Anne Patrick weaves the Christian message throughout the story lines in her book and this book was no exception. Traveling with Morgan on her journey to redemption was an excellent look at how all of us can be faced with an issue of repentance. God is faithful and Morgan learns this first hand.

Readers that enjoy suspense books will find this book a fun addition to their collection. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Click on the picture above for more information.

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