Book Review – Legends of the Swamps: Uncle Frank and the Search for the Alligator King by Kimberly Thompson

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Legends of the Swamps: Uncle Frank and the Search for the Alligator King

It’s the mark of a great storyteller to leave the audience always wanting more. In “Legends of the Swamps: Uncle Frank and the Search for the Alligator King,” Kimberly Thompson weaves a wonderful tale that is all told while sitting around a campfire. The children want to know more about the legendary Alligator King and ask their Uncle Frank, known for his storytelling, who willingly obliges and takes them on an amazing tale. The story he shares is intriguing and I couldn’t wait to find out where things would twist and turn to next. With brief interludes back to the campfire scene, the story is brilliantly shared through Uncle Frank and his simple means.

I enjoyed reading this book and was really drawn in by the story and the characters. Reading the descriptions of the children who were listening to the story with bated breath made me feel like I was there listening as well. Uncle Frank speaks with a Cajun accent and that is spelled out in certain parts, and I felt that added to the story as it wasn’t difficult to decipher his words. My only issue is that I felt there were two questions that weren’t completely wrapped up by the end of the book, which while leaving the door wide open for a second book, it would have been nice to have a little more resolution before putting this book down. The main story that is shared in the book is resolved, and there is certainly a sense of anticipation at the end as the kids look forward to the next camping trip. I know that this book and the story would appeal to the tweens and teens age group and would certainly recommend it for those who enjoy an action and adventure story.

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