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Book Review – Lessons from the Sticker Patch

Lessons From the Sticker Patch

Lessons from the Sticker Patch: Recognizing God’s Immeasurable Love in Everyday Life by Shari England is a collection of devotional stories taken from Shari’s personal life. She starts the chapters by sharing an experience from her life. As she explains the circumstances of the situation, she then moves to share a parallel in the Christian life and walk. She explains how God seeks to move and work in our lives to mold us and shape us into the person that He wants for us to be. The chapters close with an opportunity to respond to God through a prayer of commitment.

I love the use of scripture throughout the stories. It is important to see how God’s word can apply to our daily lives and Shari does a great job weaving that through each of her messages. Shari mentions briefly in the introduction a life-threatening situation that she went through. She also hints at it in a few of the earlier stories. Toward the end of the book, Shari does disclose the full story, but since it was mentioned so early on, I would have like to have seen that story moved closer to the front of the book. Even so, each story is only a few pages long and is easily able to us used as a daily reading or reminder of how God moves and works in each of our lives.

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