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Book Review – Lightning Strikes by Prism Book Group Authors


In the next few weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’m going to be taking a look at a love stories I’ve read lately.

While waiting in an airport a couple of weeks back, I went searching through the Amazon store to see what I could find to pass the time and stumbled upon Lightening Strikes by a group of Prism Book Authors, Carlene Havel, Bonnie McCune, Josie Riviera, Trinity Hart, and Kim McMahill. I find group authors fascinating just to see if you can tell who wrote what. I decided to give it a try.

In this book, Rachel Harman is a reporter who finds herself stuck in her apartment in the midst of a storm. The power goes out and she is left in the dark hungry and on a deadline for her job. Her paper has recently been purchased by a new owner and she is anxious to show herself worthy. Her upstairs neighbor Luke has always been one of those “insufferably pleasant” sorts and the last thing she expected was spending time with him, much less go on a brief adventure.

True to most group authored books I’ve read, the writing was seamless and it was difficult to tell where any changes occurred. There is a brief Christian component to the storyline, but it is not elaborated on. The story is very short and I finished the three chapter book in about 20 minutes. Overall it was an interesting read, albeit a bit unbelievable. It had all the components of a great romance, but the story seemed to be a bit hurried and shallow and forced to fit into the three chapter model. All in all a cute read, but certainly designed to be a teaser to whet the reader’s appetite for more.

Click the link above to check out the Amazon page for Lightning Strikes.

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