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Book Review – My Mother My Child

My Mother My Child

As time moves on and we all age, we sometimes find ourselves in unexpected circumstances. My Mother My Child is the experiences Susie Kinslow Adams experienced when she and her husband took in her aging mother to live with them. Susie describes in careful detail the emotional journey that she went through as she watched her once strong, independent mother shift, because of illness, to a state of dependence like a child.

Susie is quick to explain that this book is not meant to be a manual on how to give care for the elderly. Instead, she wanted to share her experiences as a way to relate to anyone who finds herself facing a similar situation. Caring for aging parents is an emotional journey and Susie touches on several real life issues, including how they handled hiring helpers, dealing with their busy schedules while caring for Momma, and the emotional toll of roll reversal as her mother slowly became more and more like her child.

This is a beautiful, heart-felt work that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Susie has opened her heart and shared the best and worst of the experience as a way to help others realize they are not alone in their journey of caring for aging parents.

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