Book Review

Book Review – NIV Study Bible, 2011 Edition

I recently bought a new study Bible, a big feat for me because I don’t typically change Bibles but about once every 10-20 years or so. I decided that I wanted a little bit of a change and purchased the NIV Study Bible. I must say, I am very impressed. I enjoy the readability of the updated translation and the extras that they have added to this study Bible are superb. They have full color on every single page of this Bible, whether it’s just a blue line that divides the scripture from the study notes, or a full color photo of the Sea of Galilee or an archaeological artifact from that time period. The pictures really add a visual to the Bible that I enjoy and that really enhance the Bible study experience. I, obviously, really enjoy the Bible, and I’ve been very pleased so far with this new edition that I use for my daily study.

Click on the cover picture above to learn more about this particular version of the Bible.

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