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Book Review – On My Own by Susette Williams

Today we’re looking at the sequel to last week’s book. “On My Own” by Susette Williams will be published very soon and will be worth the wait.

Being allowed to stay home by ourselves is a right of passage for many kids. There’s always that first time where kids are given that responsibility and while it’s very exciting, it can also be scary sometimes. Stef returns in “On my Own,” Susette William’s sequel “The In Crowd.”


This is another well written and fun book that deals with real issues that tweens and teens face. Stef is given the opportunity to babysit her brother and sister and she has to overcome her fears and concerns and learn to trust in the Lord. I enjoy the fact that Susette writes about real-to-life situations that make this book relatable to her readers. Another job well done.

Thanks to Susette for allowing me to read an advance copy of the book. You can find out more about Susette by visiting her Amazon Author Page.

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