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Book Review – Oregon Weddings by Kathleen E. Kovach

As I mentioned last week, we’re looking at love stories as we lead up to Valentine’s Day. Another recent purchase I made was Oregon Weddings by Kathleen E. Kovach. These books are a series Romancing America where each book has three stories all set in a particular state.

The Oregon Weddings books focus on the three stories of Skye Randall, Meranda Drake, and Glenys Bernard and the respective hurdles they face personally and in their relationships. Skye finds out the mother he never knew has left him an Alpaca ranch. Meranda is seeking vengeance for her father who died searching for an inheritance. Glenys is trying to overcome an old fear. In each case, God is shown to be victorious over all circumstances and each story deals with a specific issue that through the grace of God they learn to overcome and to find love in unexpected places.


These books were a fun and interesting read and they shared great truths about God while the characters were learning to fall in love both with God and with the person they were destined to marry. These were well written and interesting to see how the author wove the story. I enjoyed the plot lines and readers will enjoy the journey to Oregon for the Oregon Weddings.

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