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Book Review – Over the Moon

Over the Moon

Over the Moon by Diane Daniels is a fantasy story set in a small town in Utah where Tiana Dawson is set to start her junior year in high school. Tiana has just moved to the town and is wondering how she can survive starting in a new school in a totally different environment from the big city school she just left. Once there, she meets Andrew, a handsome, yet unusual boy who in her class. As she gets to know Andrew better, she begins an “over the moon” adventure that she would never have expected.

Diane makes these characters come alive as she gives the details surrounding their lives, actions, thoughts, and choices. I found it an easy to read page-turner that gave good amounts of detail so that I could envision everything that was happening. The story line was easy to follow and I enjoyed seeing how the characters dealt with the various levels of adversity they encountered. The story was concluded well, but I would have liked a few more details about how life was going to change for them going forward. Hopefully we’ll see those in a sequel.

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