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Book Review – Persistent Love by Laura J Marshall

After Tara witnesses her mother’s murder as a child, she never feels like she quite fits in with the rest of her family. Persistent Love by Laura J. Marshall is a historical fiction romance that is set in the 1600s. Years have passed since her mother’s death and Tara is grown. Tara’s father inherits a large castle and so he chooses to move his family from their home to a different part of the country. However, with a run in with some ruffians that try to take Tara’s sister and the confusing yet dashing neighbor Lord Andrew Sharpton on top of Tara’s secret plans to leave and sear h for her mother’s killer, Tara find herself having even more questions about herself and her relationship with God. Those questions are shoved to the forefront when Tara is kidnapped and it appears that her mother’s killers may be after more.

This is a beautifully written book that moves from one event to the next quickly. Tara is a wonderful character that is easy to relate to and is honest about her feelings and struggles. There is a lot packed into the ending of the book that does seem to come rather quickly, but there is a definite sense of finishing the book with no loose threads. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and recommend it.

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