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Book Review – Point of Origin by Amanda Tru

From Amazon:

“I should have killed you when I had the chance. You have no idea, do you? Life is just a crazy coincidence? That’s fine. I have a feeling even mercy has a limit.”

The terrorist’s words haunt Rachel Saunders. Are they the ramblings of a psychopath? Or is there someone else out there who is watching Rachel and deciding if she should live or die?

When Rachel stumbles across something she was never meant to see, she discovers all the random events from the past year have connections that are much closer to home than she ever imagined. Now she must elude terrorists intent on killing her and piece together the clues to identify her enemy before time runs out and many more people lose their lives.

When all the secrets and lies are revealed, will Rachel be able to handle seeing her world as she know it fall apart? Will she be able to forgive one last betrayal from the man she thought she loved?

Kristi’s Review:

This final book in the series starts off six months after book 2 ends. The same action-packed tempo we’ve come to expect from the other books in the series, is carried through to this book just as well. The plot line has several twists and turns which I found to be believable and fun to keep the story moving. I enjoyed getting to meet Rachel’s father and getting the chance to explore his character more. The conclusion of the bombing plot was handled well.

My favorite part of the book is toward the end when Rachel realizes her need to depend on God. She has some a very poignant time of learning to trust in Him with everything that she is and I found that extremely refreshing. I was a bit disappointed with the very end of the book and the wrapping up of the romance storyline. I felt that there wasn’t quite enough time dedicated to that and it seemed that Rachel’s emotions flipped a little too quickly to be completely believable. Maybe just a little more time spent exploring that would have helped. All in all, I thought this was an excellent finale to a great series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this and am excited to see what is next for this author.

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