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Book Review – Say it Proud by Robin Johnson

Say it Proud

A positive self-image is a valuable asset that is within each person’s grasp, if only we’ll take the time to nurture it and learn how to be proud of who we are and how God made us. Robin Johnson recognized the importance of nurturing that in her own daughters as they were growing up and now she’s sharing her thoughts and methods through her book, “Say it Proud.” In this book, Robin takes the reader through the background behind why she felt led to write this book. She explains the impact that she’s seen in the lives of her daughters as they grew up positively affirming themselves in healthy and productive ways. She explains how simply helping children (or adults for that matter) to learn and say positive statements about themselves can go a long way in helping them to live out that statement. Our own self-talk is a powerful influencer over our perception of ourselves and Robin explains that we can harness that for the positive and be proud of who we each are.

The book lists 365 positive and affirming statements to go through and say, one for each day of the year. I love that the statements are varied and cover every aspect of our lives from our physical appearance, our heritage, our attitude toward work and others. All of the statements are made simply and yet powerfully to help people recognize that they can be proud of who they are and how they deal with situations they are confronted with. I really enjoyed this book, and I really enjoyed the message that this book shares. We can all learn to “Say it Proud.”

To learn more about “Say it Proud” visit Tate Publishing’s website.

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