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Book Review – Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann

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I happened to catch “Secrets” by Kristen Heitzmann on a free weekend on Amazon as I was browsing for something to read. I wasn’t sure about it and I hadn’t read anything by her before, but I finally talked myself into it because, after all, it was free. I am so glad I did.

In this book, we learn that Lance Michelli’s grandmother has a secret. However, after she suffers a stroke, only her devoted grandson is able to help her put to rest the secrets that haunt her. If only she could speak to share with him exactly what she wants done. She is able to communicate to him enough that leads Lance on a mission to find out what so troubles his beloved grandmother. What he uncovers is more than he expected including a body, buried money, and an old estate that holds just as many secrets as his grandmother. Add in the independent new owner of the estate, Rese (short for Teresa), and there’s plenty of adventure.

I was captivated by the characters. Kristen does an excellent job detailing them and their lives and thoughts along with the beautiful scenery and surroundings that I could picture the entire story in my mind as I read. There are plenty of twists and turns along with other exciting characters that keep this novel entertaining and unexpected. The gospel message is very clear and the characters go through a wonderful process of discovering how their faith in God is made real in their lives, including the need to believe and trust in Jesus Christ.


The only word of warning I would give is that this is the first book of a series and I am so intrigued by the story and the characters that I will most certainly be purchasing the next book in the very near future!

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