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Book Review – subMISSION by Zeke Lam

subMISSION: heeding only His voice

If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received a copy of Zeke Lam’s book subMISSION. I was contacted by his agent who asked if I’d be willing to take a look at it. Never one to turn down an opportunity to read a book, I accepted.

The book is a nonfiction book about how to move into a deeper relationship with God through the concept of submission. In fact, He would argue that being submissive to God is in fact our greatest mission in life. He presents the arguments easily throughout the book and incorporates lots of his own personal experiences which demonstrate how he has lived through these concepts.

I really enjoyed the book. I was enlightened by the truths that were shared and I was encouraged by the honesty of the writer. I think this book is perfect for those people who are seeking to get to know God on a more personal and intimate basis so that they can live out their faith in Him.

To find out more about subMISSION by Zeke Lam visit Amazon or his website.

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