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Book Review – The Action Bible: God’s Redemptive Story

My husband and I recently bought this Bible to use with our kids, ages 5 and 7 because of all the great pictures. I have been truly amazed by this Bible. This Bible is formatted like a comic book with all the dramatic pictures that go with it. Also, usually with a typical kids Bible, you get just a selection of some of the main stories through the Bible, but this Bible goes so much farther! There are almost all the stories through the Old and New Testament that are represented in this Bible. The stories are written well and follow the Biblical account, even at times using direct quotes. The message of the redemption of Jesus is present throughout the book and is the theme around which they crafted this Bible. This is a fantastic tool for use with kids, teenagers, even adults who don’t care for reading so much, but want a better understanding of the stories of the Bible. The Bible is engaging and alive and this version of the Bible makes that abundantly clear in a format that will speak to kids today.

At my last trip to the bookstore, I noticed that they offer a New Testament only version of this Bible as well as a 52 week devotional that accompanies the Bible, both done in the same dramatic and in-depth style. Click on the picture above to see more about The Action Bible.

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