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Book Review – The Living Book Series: Henley and the Book of Heroes

The Living Tale Series: Henley and the Book of Heroes

A fantastic journey awaits, but Henley isn’t interested in it at all. In Jane H. Smith’s book Henley and the Book of Heroes we’re taken on an adventure into The Living Book with Henley, a young boy with a problem. A problem that he doesn’t even realize he has and a future he couldn’t ever imagine.

Jane has created a wonderful story that transitions back and forth between the Henley’s everyday world and the world of The Living Book. Henley must learn why “every good story needs a hero” and how he can become the hero that he was created to be. Lots of parallels can be drawn to the Christian life and how God desires to use us. Perfect for a tween or teen, this is an exciting book full of twists and turns that will challenge your faith and walk with God as you learn, like Henley, what it truly means to be a hero.

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