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Book Review – The Sixth World of Men: A Beacon of Hope, volume 1 by Walter E Mark

The Sixth World of Men Vol. 1: A Beacon of Hope

An amazing journey into another realm is found in “The Sixth World of Men: A Beacon of Hope, Volume 1” by Walter E. Mark. This book opens up this world and the story of the coming battle for the spiritual dominion of the world. The storyline is inventive and creative, while still paralleling many of the “good verses evil” themes that we are familiar with. The Sixth World of Men has been in steady decline for the last many generations, now a prophecy has been given and several other prophecies are being fulfilled. The evil in the realm is poised to take total control and yet there has been a prophecy of a Beacon of Hope that will remain. How will this evil take control? What will be the result of the destruction on the planet? Who is the soulless one the prophecy speaks of? Where is the Beacon of Hope?

I really enjoyed delving into this world. As it is another world entirely, there are different terms for many things, such as time references and such. Walter Mark includes a map at the front, which is extremely helpful as a visual reference. There is also a glossary at the back to discuss some of the terms. I found that I really didn’t need that regularly, but was able to infer meanings or unfamiliar words quickly while reading through the book. The storyline is extremely well thought out and the characters have solid depth to them and are easy to relate to. The book is the beginning of a series and as such, this book sets the stage for what is sure to be an incredible turn of events over the course of the series.

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