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Book Review – Through the Fog by Karina Harris

Through the Fog by Karina Harris is the second book in her Elements of Change series. I absolutely loved the first book and was thrilled when the second book became available.

In this book, Jake is struggling with the fact that the woman he’s been in love with for so long, Ella, has become engaged to another man. He knows that they are right for each other, but how is he supposed to pick up the pieces and move on? Jake decides to┬áchange careers and goes and trains to be a deputy.

Suzanna is happy that her friend Ella and her brother Alec have finally declared their feelings for each other, but she starts to wonder if any man is ever going to cross her path. Then Nathan moves to town and is hired to take Jake’s place at the store. He’s handsome, but something just doesn’t feel quite right.

When several ranches start losing cattle and horses to thieves, Jake finds himself caught up in more than he expected. Then Suzanna finds herself dropped in the middle of the whole situation, while learning that no matter what we are facing God and His grace are sufficient for us and through our weakness He is made strong. Suzanna and Jake learn to lean on God and each other as they go through the difficult and trying times that come their way.

Karina’s second book in this series has certainly lived up to the expectations and this book is a perfect sequel. The transition from the main characters of the first book to the main characters of this book is well handled and the plot of this book is masterfully thought out and constructed. The historical references are believable and in keeping with the time frame of the book. I loved this book and know that readers will not be disappointed with this newest addition to the Elements of Change Series.

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