Book Review – Until Forever by Darlene Shortridge

Until Forever

“I will love you until forever.” Jessi Jensen spoke those words to her son Ethan every day, yet when tragedy strikes, her entire world is torn apart. Darlene Shortridge brings to life the story of Jessi in Until Forever. Even though life must go on, Jessi is stuck trying to hold on to the past and make sense of what has happened. When Jessi’s husband is the cause of the accident, how can she possibly find a way to move forward?

What does it truly mean to love another person? How can we forgive what seems unforgiveable? What are our relationships built upon? These are the core questions that Darlene addresses in this book. Throughout the story, Jessi’s aunt demonstrates the power of prayer and faith as she not only prays for healing, but acts out the kind of love and forgiveness that she talks about. The story is compelling, emotional, and captivating. The Christian message is clearly shared in an everyday language. I enjoyed learning what it means to truly love someone Until Forever.

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