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Book Review – Zero Visibility by Sharon Dunn

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On that same trip to the book store I mentioned last week, I also happened upon “Zero Visibility” by Sharon Dunn. What caught my eye most about this book was that the book was published by Harlequin. I was a little surprised to see a Harlequin book in the Christian book store I was in, but as I looked closer, I noticed that Harlequin has a new division they call the “Love Inspired” books which are much cleaner than some of their other books. I took a chance and decided to try this one as well.

In “Zero Visibility,” Merci Carson is a college student trying to make it home during break, but ends up caught in a snowstorm, when her car breaks down. For reasons she can’t explain, she ends up being followed and robbed when Nathan comes to her rescue. They are trapped on the mountain with the people who are trying to rob Merci and the suspense ensures as the try to figure out how to work together with the resources they have while avoiding the men who mean them harm.

The story was a decent read and there are a few mentions of God sprinkled throughout the book. The romance portion of the book is tame and not in any way explicit. The suspense portion of the plot was predictable for most of the story and I would have enjoyed having the characters developed more fully as there didn’t seem to be a lot of depth to them. The book kept me interested enough to keep reading though, but on the whole I’d consider it just average.

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