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Book Review –

Must faith be accepted by each person individually? What are the effects of sin in our lives. These difficult theological questions make up the basis for the fictional fantasy┬ástory “Return to Kingsley.”

Patty Gayle has grown up and now she has passed on her magical gifts from the land of Kingsley to her granddaughter Callie. The only thing is, Callie has no idea how desperately Kingsley is in need of her help. When Callie and her brother Scott find themselves back into the world Patty Gayle had told them about, they soon realize that they have the answer to the blackness and sickness that is closing in on all those living in Kingsley, but will they convince everyone to believe in time?

Cynthia Willow has done it again. I just love the storyline through this book and the importance placed on forgiveness and faith. As the children teach the others what it means to believe in God and ask for forgiveness, the reader can see the parallels drawn to each of our lives without Christ. This book is well written and well thought out. It is the perfect follow up to the first book and both are aimed at the pre-teen or teen age range.

Thanks so much Cynthia for writing a sequel and for the wonderful message it contains!

You can also check out the first book in the series, Patty Gayle and the Legend of Kingsley:

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