Christian Devotional – April 1, 2019

Trust. Today in the United States is traditionally and day where we try to trick other people. As a result, people don’t necessarily trust each other to mean what they say. However, this lack of trust is not just an issue on April fool’s day. Often, we evaluate what someone tells us to do based upon our own understanding of the situation. Look at how Ruth responds. Read Ruth 3:3-5.

She said to her, “All that you say I will do.”

Naomi came to Ruth with her plan. And Ruth must have initially thought she was crazy. “You want me to do what?” Maybe Ruth had seen the change in Naomi. Maybe Ruth kind of understood why Naomi was asking her to do these. Maybe this was the strangest, most bizarre thing she had ever heard. Whatever the situation, Ruth responds very simply that she will do what Naomi has said. She trusts Naomi.

Now, trust is earned. But, when it has been earned, we still have to choose to give it. Ruth still could have said “No, that’s crazy. I’m not doing that. ” But, she didn’t. Ruth trusted Naomi and did what she said. Ruth trusted Naomi’s God and made a decision to follow whatever was said. Do we trust God? Do we trust Him enough to do exactly what He says without question?

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