Christian Devotional – April 21, 2013


Ezekiel 7:25–When terror comes, they will seek peace in vain.


God’s judgment was coming to the people and He wanted to give them an idea of what it would be like so they would repent and seek to avoid it. This verse sums up all that God says about what the judgment would entail. There is terror coming and the people will seek peace and not be able to find it. God is our source of peace. If we are seeking peace in anything else, then we are seeking it in vain. We must turn to Him if we are to understand and experience true peace.


Father, I will seek You for You are the giver of peace. You turn the chaos of life into peace and I will seek You and You only in the midst of my chaos. I will repent and turn to You because I need You in my life.

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