Christian Devotional – August 22, 2016

Read 2 Kings chapter 4


2 Kings 4:3–Elisha said, “Go around and ask all your neighbors for empty jars. Don’t ask for just a few.”


A woman had a problem and she came to Elisha for help. Elisha gave her instruction and he didn’t tell her why. Interestingly, he reminded her to not ask for just a few. When we ask God for help, do we have to be reminded that we should go all out? Sometimes we will ask for God, but not trust that He will actually answer? When we are following God’s instructions and obeying Him, we should be sure to follow completely and trust that God wants to do amazing things for us that are bigger and grander than anything we can imagine.


Father, I need Your help, and not just a little. I need You to move in big and mighty ways in my life. Thank You for all that You are doing in my life and all that You are going to do. I will trust You with the big things that only You can do and I will believe that You will do even more than I can already imagine.

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