Christian Devotional – December 11, 2013


Number 25:17–“Treat the Midianites as enemies and kill them.”


The Midianites were actively plotting to lead the Israelites away from God. They were tempting and enticing them to follow their gods instead. God told the Israelites that they needed to treat them as enemies and get rid of them. Do we get rid of temptations in our life? While we are not to kill people, we are to recognize when people are trying to lead us down the wrong path. Do we get away from those people and situations? We need to realize that those who are trying to turn us away from God are not our friends.


Father, I praise You for putting encouraging people in my life. Still, I pray You will help me see when someone or something is trying to turn my attention away from You. Give me the strength and courage to get away from that situation so that I am not distracted from You.

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