Christian Devotional – December 24, 2015

Read Genesis chapter 9


Genesis 9:13–I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.


The rainbow is a symbol of God’s love and mercy in his promise to not judge the earth through water again. When people see a rainbow, they should realize that God has shown mercy to theĀ earth. Other groups have chosen to use the rainbow as their symbol. When those groups go against the promises of God, but then still use God’s rainbow as their symbol, they make a mockery of God and all that He stands for. God will not tolerate that and even though the rainbow indicates that God will not judge the earth through a flood again, God will most certainly judge the earth and all the people in it. Are we honoring God’s gift of the rainbow and all that it means or are we shaming ourselves and God’s promise by using the rainbow to represent ideals opposed to God.


Father, You gave the symbol of the rainbow and You gave the definition of that symbol. I pray that You will help me to display to the world what that symbol means and how You are the giver of life and have mercy upon us. For those who use your symbol incorrectly, I pray that You will help them to see the error and draw them back to Yourself in repentance.

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