Christian Devotional – December 4, 2015

Read James chapter 5


James 5:6–You have condemned and murdered the innocent one who was not opposing you.


As James finishes his section condemning the rich people who were oppressing others, he reminds the people that this is what they have been doing. When people have money, they often have power as well and frequently they will use those things as a way to impose their will on others around them. In this case, the people were doling out unjust judgments to the poor. Whether we are rich or not, we each have a measure of power and authority that we have in relation to someone or something. How do we use that power? Are we focused on living out Christ’s love and mercy to others or do we try to take justice into our own hands?


Father, I pray that I will be a reflection of You. Any authority that I have, whether it is over my children or those at work, I pray will simply be used to reflect You to those people.

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