Christian Devotional – February 16, 2016

Read John chapter 9


John 9:25–He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know, I was blind, but now I see!”


This man had been healed by Jesus and now all the religious leaders were bothered by it. They wanted to find a way to question and accuse Jesus. As they were questioning this man, they began asking him a lot of theologically based questions and the man didn’t know the answer to them. He only knew what he had experienced himself. At the heart of it, this is witnessing. We are witnessing when we share with others what we have experienced Jesus doing in our own life. Satan will tempt us to be afraid and think that since we don’t have all the answers to the deep theological questions of life, then we must not be qualified to say anything. If we have experienced Jesus in our lives, then we have something to share!


Father, You have done some amazing and wonderful things in my life. Help me to share those with people and not get worried about the questions that they may ask. I know what You have done in my life and I know that You can do it in others’ lives as well. Give me the courage and boldness to go and share.

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