Christian Devotional – February 26, 2016

Read John chapter 18


John 18:11–Jesus commanded Peter, “Put your sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”


Jesus had already had the conversation with his Father earlier where He asked His Father, if it were possible, take this cup from Him. Because He had already settled this issue and committed Himself to obedience of His Father’s will, when this opportunity came up and Peter tried to start something else, Jesus quickly stopped it and put things back on the path to obedience. Jesus was able to stand on his previous decision to obey. Do we work out our obedience in prayer PRIOR to being confronted with temptation? The moment when we are being tempted it is basically too late to make a decision on what we will do. We must be focused on our relationship with God, for it is these prior conversations and prior commitment to obedience that give us the strength to stay true to our convictions in the midst of temptation.


Father, I will commit to You know my obedience so that when I am faced with the decision in the moment, I will not be swayed. Keep me focused on You.

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