Christian Devotional – February 27, 2016

Read John chapter 19


John 19:22–Pilate answered, “What I have written, I have written.”


As Jesus was being crucified, Pilate wrote a sign and had it placed over his head to tell all the passers-by who this person was who was being crucified. However, the Jews didn’t like what he wrote. Pilate, however, stood by his choice of words. I find it interesting that Pilate was willing to make a stand here regarding what he believed in, but he wasn’t willing to make a stand earlier when he was being pressured to have Jesus crucified. What are we willing to take a stand for? At what point of pressure will we cave to public outcry and demand?


Father, help me to always take a stand for You, no matter what the circumstances around indicate. I know that there wil always be pressure to go with the crowd and go against you, but help me to see exactly what you would have me do.

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