Christian Devotional – January 28, 2013

John 18:11–Jesus commanded Peter, “Put the sword away! Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?”

How many of us would have interpreted Peter’s actions as wrong if this situation? After all, Jesus had just prayed to God to find some way out of the path that was coming. It would have been easy for Jesus to see Peter’s actions and think, “Oh, they’re going to fight for me, that is how God is going to change the plan so I don’t have to go through suffering and death. Yea, Peter! Fight!” Instead, Jesus knew what God’s plan for Him was and he had prayed until He had peace with the plan of God, and then didn’t deviate from the plan of God. Do we do the same?

Father, I pray You will forgive me for getting distracted from Your plan, but instead to hold firm to that which You’ve shown me to do. You are amazing and I will follow Your plan for my life, even as it goes through difficulties and hardships.

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